The Consumerisation of B2B brands

Part 02: The Future of Business Acquisition Insight Paper


To win and retain business, B2B organisations need to develop a client-centric model rather than one focused on price or product. To do this B2B brands need to consider the client journey and experience, much in the same way B2C organisations have done for years.

Welcome to the second instalment of the Future of Business Acquisition insight paper covering the phenomenon that is the Consumerisation of B2B brands.

B2B organisations recognise that if they can deliver the right experience to their clients and keep their loyalty, they will be able to acquire a larger market share and grow revenues.

The demise of the B2B model is becoming a reality a few can afford to ignore. But every end brings a beginning and the rise of P2P (people to people) selling holds exciting opportunities. Find out more by downloading our insight paper.

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Look out for our third piece of the Future of Business Acquisition insight paper where we discuss technology available to B2B brands to truly come closer to their clients, landing on 05.11.18.