The Current Landscape

Part 01 of the Future of Business Acquisition Insight Paper


Welcome to the first instalment of the Future of Business Acquisition insight paper covering the current market landscape of B2B brands.

When industry leaders talk about the future of business, regardless of the industry, the focus tends to be on emerging technology. How is technology going to impact business operations, legacy systems and processes? How is it going to help us manage growing competition and how will it impact the buying and decision-making process?

Of course, these are all important questions we need to ask to future-proof our businesses. But what about the one constant that is at the heart of business today, that will remain firmly at the forefront of business tomorrow?

Whichever way you view the market today, it is clear that organisations that try to lead with a full-service or price-competitive offering will struggle to carve out a meaningful point of difference. Instead, the value proposition for B2B organisations can be found in a more people-focused approach – by creating experiences that connect people in one business to people in another.

And that’s where emerging technology really becomes interesting for businesses looking to take, or further secure market share, and ultimately future-proof their operations: by using data to unlock the client value and preferences, businesses can tailor the acquisition experience to match the B2C customer experience approach — and reap the benefits.

More technology, more intelligence, more data and one very important constant are shaping the current landscape of B2B brands. Find out more by downloading our insight paper.

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The Consumerisation of B2B, landing on 22.10.18.