The London Loft

The new competitive frontier is automation. To perform faster, better and more effectively we are finding ways to automate processes and develop a truly digital workforce. Through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, that workforce will be able to develop itself.

Service Delivery Automation (SDA), robotics, digital workforce management, automated video processing and augmented reality will transform the workplace and give you a competitive advantage.

Our SDA services combine process engineering, point solutions and domain expertise with bots to go beyond simple repeat process automation (RPA) to create a truly digital workforce.

Robotics is helping us work faster, better and cheaper. With cognitive strength, they are reaching beyond regular task-based automation into actual decision-making.

Our dashboards will help you manage a digital workforce.

In vehicle accident scenarios, automatically processed dashcam footage, combined with AI, makes decision-ready recommendations to insurance assessors.

Meeting Room Wizard is an example of how augmented reality can help employees book meeting spaces, by integrating with intelligent building management systems without the need for any apps or expensive digital display hardware.