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Artificial intelligence will drive hyper-personalised communications, helping brands connect with their customers’ needs and present the benefits that matter, rather than those that are most obvious.

Artificial intelligence will help brands know their customer like never before, understanding their future intentions and motives based on past behaviours, not just their transactions.

Your data collection will provide new levels of insight into an individual’s behaviour. AI works with new personality-aligned categories to help you personalise content and channels to optimal levels, improving ROI and marketing performance.

RRD’s Artificial Intelligence can help you to:

  • Gather data insights on your customer base so you can create actionable marketing campaigns
  • Use content and asset management platforms to manage an ever-increasing content requirement
  • Deliver platforms to help marketers and salespeople make the right, informed decisions based on insight

Grow Your Business

  • B2B customers can personalise individual and small-group presentations and pitches to answer the ‘ask’ in ways that address the audience more directly
  • B2C campaign planning can drive into new segments based on customer behaviour and sentiment, aligning content with customers’ needs and avoiding feature-centric designs