The Rise of Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management (CXM) is being described as the key strategic driver of customer loyalty and retention in today’s hyper-competitive world.


But what exactly is CXM and why is it important? And if it’s becoming the new battleground for customer share, why are so many companies still slow to embrace it?

RRD has commissioned research across a range of sectors to discover how today’s CXM visions and strategies are shaping up; to highlight the success stories and explore some of the barriers.

More than two-thirds of the firms we interviewed believe that designing and managing customer interactions to exceed expectations and increase loyalty, advocacy and lifetime value is the way to succeed. But two-thirds still don’t have a clear Customer Experience Management strategy. And only 10% overall feel they have achieved their CXM goals.

Perhaps it’s not surprising: to deliver a consistently positive customer experience throughout every interaction is a demanding and complex challenge.

This report details our key findings, and how some of the most successful customer-centric enterprises are rising to the challenge.

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