What Happens When You Abandon Print Without Asking Your Customers?

If you thought printed communications in retail were on the way out, think again.


As we recently explained, the digital transition has already happened – for consumers. What that means in the retail world is that brands and retailers need to catch-up.

That doesn’t mean just “catch-up” arbitrarily, nor does it mean purely in a digital sense. Rather, it means becoming more aligned to consumers’ habits. That means nothing should be off the table (provided consumers still want it) – including print.

Here’s why.

As we’ve heard before, people are creatures – and consumers – of habit, but that tends to be forgotten as we discuss all things digital. The knock-on effect is that some brands and retailers tend to ignore traditional channels, going on the assumption that their consumers are also ignoring it.

Take a look around and you’ll be hard-pushed to see a wealth of “thought leadership” on print – because everything is digital, apparently.

Everything except consumers’ needs, that is.

Research commissioned by RR Donnelley has revealed that only 30% of retailers have replaced print with digital, or have plans to do so. In fact many who have done so have experienced a downturn in sales.