Why Digital Transformation Matters

Part 07 Digital Transformation Insight Paper: The Road To Becoming an Amazon


Executives in every industry – from banking and insurance to retail and utilities – face a bewildering array of new digital opportunities. Most stories in the business media focus on fast-moving startups like Uber and AirBNB, or on a few large high-tech firms like Apple, Google, or Amazon, but traditional companies that are often older, larger, and burdened with inflexible legacies sometimes struggle to keep up and reap the same business benefits that are achieved through such digital transformation.

However, digital transformation is vital for all organisations as it enables them to remain relevant to their customer bases that expect engagement to happen on their own terms.

The last piece from our Digital Transformation insight paper: The Core Service Delivery framework, provides an overview of the key capabilities businesses need to drive successful digital transformation programs on all levels.

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